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Did you know?

Did you know about false friends?

False friends are words that seem to be the same in English and French, but in reality, they have a different meaning.

False friends example:

means as the truth or facts of a situation; really

means at the present time; now

In light of the above, the French translation of the word "actually" isn't actuellement but rather: à vrai dire, en réalité or en fait.
Now you know!

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We have been using their translation services since the beginning. The Quebec French market represents 65% of our business and without a professional translator, we could not attain such a success. They deliver accurate material on-time, all the time."

Michael T.
Industry: Quality Control Equipment

Welcome to duo translation!

We are really excited to introduce you to our brand new website. You will certainly feel our excitement and passion we have towards two great languages, specifically English and French. This duo inspired the name of our newly founded company duo translation.

Started from a great expertise, in combination with a solid background, we have mastered the art of expressing one message in two languages and collected numerous satisfied clients over the years from past experience. One thing led to another, and as the demand for professional French Canadian translation has increased tremendously in the past decade, we listened to the call and created duo translation.

Well-known for our professionalism, our quality work, our reliability and our friendly approach, we have built a loyal clientele based on this positive reputation. Our client base consists mainly of corporate and institutional entities. We hope you to count you as our most valued customers.


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The duo translation team specializes in English to French translation and is comprised of professional Canadian French and English translators.

In this section, you will find articles or useful links in French or English promoting the usage of the French language, or related questions and topics that will make you learn more about the importance of the language.

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